my first kind of sad dream

Date: 8/8/2017

By 938Milred

Football players were moving so fast that for a split second it looked like they left a trace from where they came from before. My mom and I were in a hotel surrounded by a zoo. It was dark outside, there was no moon or stars. We wanted to escape. After going to one building, climbing down and up a skinny, slippery ladder that I fell off of at one point, we realized that we were in the wrong building. We walked back to the hotel and down a noisy pathway towards the actual building we needed to go to. I was about to turn a corner but there were fast, dark alligators walking through a raging fire and blocking the path. I bolted out of there, turned around, and realized that my mom didn't. She just stood there, and for the last time she turned to look at me. A halo of yellow fire encompassed her body. She's gone. The fire was gone. Night suddenly turned to day. But the alligators were still blocking the path. I turned and ran away, confused, shocked. What was I supposed to do? Is there another way to the building? I followed another path that looked as if it was going to go around the building, but there didn't seem to be an entrance into the building. I woke up. I'm alive. My mom's alive. I lay in my bed for another hour, thinking.