Dream 4:20am-5:49am

Date: 5/25/2017

By Bloody_Slumber

It all started when I awoke from slumber and part taked in strolling to the rest room. I finished my night pissed MD strolled back to my futon. Before I decided to fall back into my deep slumber, I had checked the time as well as Facebook. Five minutes later I fell to slumber once more. The nightmare began by myself falling asleep inside of dream. In the dream inside the dream I was also attempting to fall slumber. That is when I heard the nosie of someone else in the house. I had laid on my futon contemplating whether I should run or fight. That is when I awoke in the first dream to seeing two shadows in the background mirroring voices. I thought it had been my grandparents‚Äč until the shadows moved as demons do. One quickly moved out of the room while the other sound like my grandma and said "night nighty night my master!". I arised and screamed "leave me alone!". That is when I saw its face, and immediately ran to the rest room, shut and locked the door. I backed up from the door and turned to the mirror to see myself becoming the monster from my one true nightmare that has haunted me for years prior and evermore. That is when I truely awoke.