Baseball or snow or whatever

Date: 6/5/2017

By StarryDreamer

So basically we were in a house, and weird shit was happening. I was being followed, so I went into the basement to get away. I got eaten there. Later on she showed me the trick, a hidden door. My friends and I got on a motorcycle 4 some reason. It was really snowy and dark, and I asked one of my friends to come over and be my spirit animal. Wth. So There was a purple jersey filled with a quilt I guess, and I was just sleeping on Justin biebers(I hate him) matress, he was one of the players, so I could learn how to play the game. I was a player. So a ball got caught by a woman in the stand. 2x,and she won 37,000 dollars. Just that particular number.Then an ad came on a big screen that wasn't there before. State farm or something.Then we all had 2 get up and dance so I stuffed the jersey with the quilt, put it on and did the dance with everybody. And there was this really mean cheerleader too, with her little sister. Then Bill Nye, the host I guess was talking about what he was doing, aka the worlds tiniest hockey stuff. He saw my jersey and said, StarryDreamer, that's cool. It was ironic or something. An old fence was near it, and the mattresses were gone. A little boy, who was very messy came out, then went back in crying. Bill was about to make the shot, when I woke up.