Green snake is having a party

Date: 9/1/2019

By Dreamy_bear_4738

My parents went out and I ended up being alone at home. Under the brown sofa, I saw a tiny green sized snake hiding. It looked shy and timid because of it’s vulnerable size. I could end its life by stepping it. Later it started to grow bigger over time. Almost tall as 1.5 yard and yet the width is 2/3 yard. I know the snake was excited to see me when its body skid side to side toward me. Like anyone would, I ran all over the house. I tried to think of a strategy to trick the snake to other across the room and leave from the back door. So I did a maze run around the first floor and I almost reached to the door. As soon as I turn my head back, the snake was rising up above my head. The tongue was just having a party and its pair of eyes are like the lasers pointing on a target. I dropped my jaw knowing it won’t work. I squeezed my muscles and plunged my body forward to avoid being its first meal. I called my parents, “Mom! DAD! there’s a snake in my house. What do I do?” I couldn’t hear their voice well. I assumed they were busy having a business meeting. It took forever for my parents to get me and I was relieved. then the dream shifted to a japanese lady wanting to be a snake and the snake wanted to have a family to be loved and cared for. First it must eat a human in order to become one. The Japanese and the green Snake had a great exchange deal ——————————————————-