Random Stuff

Date: 8/22/2017

By ace200

A girl came over to our house with three puppies that could not go inside so I offered to sleep outside with the blonde labs. They were super cute. I was then with a group of boys and one girl I was friends with who resembled Dianne from Anne with an "E". We were more like outcasts, not super popular, with this one boy in school. We had a project where we had to find people with faults, research them, and then try to fix them. Secretly, I wrote my name down first, then erased it before anyone saw. I then put down Teddy Duchamp from Stand by Me and Colin O something from Once Upon a Time. My teacher was pissed about how into the project I was getting. I went out to find Teddy at a club, who just looked like an older version of Corey Feldman, and ended up helping him have a funeral for his dead father. I also pushed Colin to tell me he was unhappy. Anne's dad from Anne with an "E" came to Teddy's dad's grave and threw a gravestone down. I was then in New York with my mom and we were trying to find a show to see. I was using a sun dial app to find our way around. I was with the theatre group then and A.R. Was there.