This House Has Witches

Date: 4/30/2017

By incurableflame

Finally I can remember. Basically, me and my mom were witches back at gran's cottage and it was nighttime. My mom was on the phone and we're setting up to leave (move?) when I heard strange noises coming from upstairs. I got kinda freaked out, thinking it was a demon from my past, but then instead of running away in fear, I armed myself with a baseball bat and waited. This short, chubby kid comes out, yelling something. We have a cupboard where we put some granola bars and sealed with a protective sigil, but this hobbit-person draws a big number 2 on it and crosses it off with red marker/crayon/lipstick/idek and then laughs and says something about "foiling your spell mwahahaha." Also, it turns out the tall midget also had a baseball bat... so we proceeded to batter eachother until my mom arrived.