ulternate universe

Date: 8/14/2017

By naya

It looked like earth hasn't been developed. The grass was as long as trees and there was nothing around but clouds in the sky. I was with 5 other girls and we were all in our bikinis. I don't recognize any of them but they all looked the same or at least similar to each other. I think I looked similar to them too. None of us were scared or worried; we were all behaving casually. For some reason, we weren't on the ground, hidden in the grass. But we were on the tips of the grass as if it was able to hold us up. One girls takes a step and the grass goes down to a shorter length. "Is this how grass was made?" one of the girls asked rhetorically. We kept doing the routine of stepping and shortening the grass... how did we step over several feet of grass? haha thats my only question. Our steps turned into skips and eventually, pathways were being created. We followed them and ended up somewhere where there were slides everywhere. All of us began sliding on different random slides and we were having a blast honestly. The last place we ended up was in this room of beds. Initially, we were able to slide on them like a slip and slide. I was going so fast that gravity didn't have much effect and I was shot over the gaps between the beds. It was very fun. Eventually, everyone settled down and went on their phones. Two girls sat on one bed and the other two sat on another. I was still sliding around. Then I guess I got tired and I started going from one pair of girls to the other pair - back and forth. I was trying to get myself included into what they were doing or talking about. But it didn't work and one of them gave me a dirty look. I eventually saw the lone girl laying on the bed on her phone. I layed beside her and we started snapchatting together. In the next scene, the world was back to normal and I was planning to see a movie with my best friend, cassandra. My mom was driving us and I was staring at the clouds the whole time. They looked the same as the ones in the ulternate universe. For some reason, I didn't feel tempted to share what I experienced so I didn't. In the next scene, I was by my locker in high school. I was putting on my sweater at the same time george was (someone I know from high school and elementary). My sweater was green and his was red but they were the exact same style. "Look, were like phineas and ferb" he said. I laughed. I understood what he meant in the dream but I don't understand now haha. Then a few more people gathered by the lockers and I thought it was a good time to make a joke? "guys guys guys.... guys!!" Nobody was paying attention.. tear tear. Eventually, george raised his eyebrows and threw back his head, asking what I was going to say. I said rather loudly, "the clouds are just a bunch of fuckin water" and I started laughing alone. I guess no one thought my joke was funny smh.