Art exam

Date: 6/7/2017

By danniedaydreamer93

I was in my old high school when I was stood in the art building looking out the window across the yard at the maths dept. For some reason the school was so over crowded that students where queuing up outside to take their exams, I watched through the window as they went into the building one by one and they had to sit on the stairs to take their exams, there was not enough desks. The staircase was in front of a window so I could see them all taking a seat on each step and beginning their exams. One boy before sitting on the step bends down and kisses another boy on the cheek before taking the step in front of him. I walk away and start heading towards my art class and find some paper for my art exam that started any minute. I asked my friend Sharne what she was doing for the exam, "I haven't got a clue" she says staring at her page blankly. I look round the room at the art covered walls for inspiration but can't seem to think of anything. I head into the hall way and lie on the floor with my A2 paper and a pencil waiting for the teacher to give us the "okay" to start the exam. I have a glass and some shot glasses on the floor next to my page. I pour a wine and think about what to do. The shot glasses look used but I seemed sober. The teacher came out and said it was okay to start the exam and she took away an art book I had on the floor "you can't have this during an exam" yet there's art all over the walls... she gave the okay to begin. Sat alone in the hall way I began to sketch with my pencil. I had decided on a merman as my piece.. so random. I began drawing the tail and drew it looped round twice. I kept messing up the tail fin and having to redraw it over and over. It looked awful.