Rain storm, Branmar target, artisanal bongs

Date: 7/29/2017

By strangerdelaney

There was a huge rainstorm happening that was flooding all the streets of Arden. For some reason I was just hanging out and walking around outside. I was near the woods house in Arden and waved to Jill. Then I rode in a school bus and sat with this little girl that I made friends with. But then I went back to walking around the streets of Arden in a massive rainstorm where I could barely walk in the flooding. My mom picked me up but didn't question why I was just chillen in the rain. She told me that jimmy Lamiet re-enrolled into Montessori and wanted to graduate for a second time and the graduation was today. We were like oh that's too bad that it rained for jimmys big day. Then we drove by Montessori and saw jimmy running to his car with his mom with this crazy big smile on his face and it was really weird. Then my dad texted and told us that they added a target in Branmar plaza which I was really excited about. Next me and my mom went to this weird miscellaneous store and we were looking at these really cool artisanal bongs and pipes with some random guy and his dad. They were really cool and were in shapes that didn't necessarily look like they would be used for smoking. Then I stole a goldfish cracker from the store and ate it.