Angry Stormy Pirate Ghosties ⛵🌪

Date: 7/3/2017

By brookethegreat

I was trapped on this beautiful island where once a day a fleet of ghost ships would sail by and there was an epic storm. At first it was an episode of Sex and the City - I was Carrie and I was on vacation with some guy but I needed to get this dress I was working on back to my fashion designer boss because I had been prioritizing my relationship over work too much recently and I really loved this job. I guess it was perfectly fine to leave the island during the 23 hours a day it wasn't storming, but it only ever occurred to me to leave when it was storming. There was a prophecy that one day the ghost ships would dock and something would happen and the storms would end. So I was always waiting for the ships to stop but nobody really believed they would. At one point, when I was me and not Carrie, I remember being in the lobby of this pretty building. It was white stucco, with beautiful views of the island, a wooden stairway down to the first floor, and a few paintings and busts. There was no glass in the windows so when it started storming I was exposed. I was in full rain gear just helplessly sliding around this flooded room whichever way the wind blew. I tried to hold on to railings and things but I always lost my grip.