i dont really remember much but it feels more like a memory then a dream

Date: 7/5/2019

By woyote

bro okay idk there was this thing about this ritual thing, it was like a church leader talking about their philosophy and apparently everyone who listen to its troubles were turned around afterwards. i dont really remember what this had to do with anything but i was walking into this lobby trying to ride the elevator up but i cant remember what for. there were a lot of people and for some reason they made it really difficult to get to the floor i needed to get too, i was forced to just keep going up and down a few floors at a time to let everyone else get off first. this is when the dream shifted again. i was trying to get up to a certain floor so i could meet hannah and ry, i wanna say we were gonna read tarots but they weren't my own, chris and barb were there as well but they weren't taking anything seriously and might have been a little drunk. idk why but im sure ry n were gonna sonk ngl, i thought if i could get up there and hang out for a while we could leave but i was still having trouble getting to the floor. i actually got all the way up there and was talking to ry but i got back into the elevator for some reason and it instantly plummeted towards the basement. ry was watching from the top and it was like she was laughing at me. as i got further down i started to see things like labs and living things being trapped inside the lower levels, it also like, glowed green but that was prolly just bc of my dramatic ass thinking it looked cool and ominous. somewhere in there too, hannah and i also caught a glimpse of the church thing going on. when i was being dropped, i started to realise that the labs were owned by the church. wish i got to experience more than that but i was woken up by someone irl :( kinda wack :(((