Date: 7/26/2017

By diarygeek123

So I was walking him from school one day we went early for some reason then round Mya's house a siren went of and I froze.She was like Emma run in here!!Hes coming!!!So I ran inside she locked all the windows and doors and hid under the table and I followed.I asked who he was and she said the blower.All he has to do is touch you and look at you and you die.She had already lost her sister because of it.I texted my mum telling her where I was and she was fine.So the siren went off meaning he had left the area so I ran home and then it went off again.The whole point of it was if he saw someone he would come.I got in the house then the siren called-he had saw me-oh god!!!I was never ever leaving the house again!!!Then I was forced to go to the park with the rest of Yr 6 and it happened again except I saw him and also he "killed" me but then I woke up.The he "killed me again" and I woke up again and finally the same thing the third time.I was right by my house so I ran inside after.I WAS OFFICALLY NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE AGAIN!Thats what I shouted-then I saw him-he was in my house looking at me.And I looked back....