Ikemen vs Ikemen

Date: 3/5/2017

By Kisaki

I was dating a cute guy. But he betrayed me. He asked me to follow him somewhere. I did and he knocked me. He wanted to steal something from me. He got a gang with a woman inside. In the other side, there was another cute guy I was friend with. He looked for me all night and found me with my mother. I was next to a car. Then we fought and we disabled the assaulter. I told him while getting back what he took from me, "Sorry dude. It was not a good idea. I don't hate you but..necessary evil." We left him naked and we took down his gang. I said thank you to the other cute guy who was my friends. During all these events, there were a lion, attacking anything he spotted. His role is not very clear. Not my pet or maybe he became? Also there was the void, while captive I was in a kind of void, but what I was doing here? No idea. It was a bit like in "The Forest".