University health center

Date: 8/25/2017

By strangerdelaney

I went to the school health center to get all my shiz done but then when I was in the room with the doctor I forgot to mention everything that I actually needed somehow and told her other health problems that weren't my own. Then I weirdly saw my sister in the health center I was like wut this isn't even your school. But it was helpful because while she was talking to the female doctor I went up to her and I was like hey I forgot some stuff like I need a birth control prescription, but instead of getting a chicken pox shot I couldn't remember what I needed and I told her I needed an allergy pill for cats. Then me and my sister left and we both had identical cars that were tan hondas. We were driving on like the Delaware high way which doesn't make sense and my sister was in front. But I was driving insane like it was grand left auto but I somehow wasn't hitting into anything. I like swerved around my sisters car and was going like 120 miles per hour and it was insane. It felt like I was going to hit into everything but I somehow just swerved around things at the last second.