An ex friend and childhood nostalgia

Date: 8/13/2017

By kcandthesunshineband86

This dream started with me unblocking a friend who I was very close to but had deeply wronged me (actually happened in real life) I messaged her on what's app and was telling her about how my coil had caused me lots of problems, had dislodged and made me have to be in hospital for an operation. The dream went backwards and forwards of me checking my phone and seeing that she was typing a message to me then being her and hearing her talk about it with her boyfriend. Next dream I was at my best friends childhood home with her, her mum, her dad (who is no longer with us) and their childhood dog Tessy (who has also passed) her dad was telling me in his Yorkshire accent topless with his sovereign rings and chains of how he had printed from the cats protection league the 4 step protocol of how to dispose of fish once eaten. He was being deadly serious and me and my best friend were struggling not to laugh.