Ghost Me

Date: 8/14/2017

By Highlighter111

This is a long one, so buckle up. I was sitting on bus with my younger sister, grandma, and mom but they didn't know I was there, because I was dead. I just knew this in the dream. Then I look across the isle and a dark toned women with an orange head wrap and matching dress was starring at me, and I knew that she is dead too. Me and my family get off at a mall, and I go over to a kiosk place where people are testing iPad and a new drawing app? Then I see A---- B----- and she can see me for some reason, so I'm talking to her and she like kept hugging me for some reason. I don't remember how, but we end up at my house at the time and my family still has no idea that I died. Then dream me had a flashback to how I died. The flashback starts where I'm walking from my house to my grandma house in the dark. I can see two men arguing on her porch, on was standing on her front steps and the other was leaning out of a red sports car. For some reason I go over and stop the fight, but as soon as I get there, both men leave angrily. Then, I go inside my grandmas house. But when I open the door, it's not my grand,as house any more, but a fancy manor with a party going on inside. All of a sudden, I know I'm being chased by a butler guy named James. That's not important I don't know how or why I knew that. Anyways, "James" starts chasing me with a gun and this guy was sooooo smart. I would open a door to atom and he would already be there, gun pointed at me. Then, I opened a door, and he wasn't there. This room was really creepy though, it was like an abandoned nursery. The walls were light pink and there was a white crib in the corner with a teddy bear, but every thing was covered in dust. So I start trying to wedge myself into a cabinet when James walked in and shot me. And I assume that's how I died in my dream. And yeah, that was my dream.