Weird Dreams (6)

Date: 2/26/2017

By megbroadh2o

I had 6 dreams I can remember from last night. The first was that I was on some weird tiny roller coaster with my friends and that's all I remember. In another dream, I was playing some motorcycle video game against my friend but we were actually in the game. In a different one, I was watching my friend play this video game but was somehow helping her from my computer and we had to like maneuver through this forest type thing and not get caught by other players. In another, my friends and I were trapped in this giant glass room and were told we had until midnight to escape or we died in the room. We decided maybe we would break the glass at midnight bc the force field would be weaker. I don't remember what happened. In another dream, I was on an airplane with Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes. We were just chilling and talking about their vines for some reason. My last dream was that I was trying to get this one pair of shoes but design its color on my own. They had this one pretty color but they weren't selling it yet so I had to create that color myself basically but out of paint for some reason. Once I made the shoes, I don't think I had the money for them so I had to make my brother come down from Santa Barbara to pay for them. He was judging me for them bc they were really ugly. They were like