Would you like a joint with your breakfast today?

Date: 8/3/2017

By wildflower97

So it started out that I was in Iowa where I used to live a few years back my mom my dad some other family and my cousin who's my age were siting at a long table eating McDonald's. I ordered my breakfast they handed it to me in a tray and on the tray came the food the drink and a pre rolled joint as I sat down I looked around and saw that everyones lunch came with a blunt or joint. So irl I do sometimes smoke but no one in my family knows so In my dream my mom was sitting next to me i picked up the joint and took a puff from it my mom said what are you doing and I said our lunches came with them and she just said ok do you know how to smoke it and I said yeah and then immediately changed my answer to no in case she asked how I knew. I wondered if my parents were gonna smoke them bc irl they always complain about back pains and knee pain. Next scene I was at my house in Iowa by myself when uncle Jessie and Kevin hart apparently I knew uncle Jessie bc he was my uncle but I didn't know what was up with him he barged in my house and started rummaging through our stuff and proceeded to go into my parents room and find my dads savings with also apparently was a million dollars I called the police and the last thing I remember was running through the yard trying to escape and going into my car and leaving the neighborhood as fast before uncle Jessie and Kevin harts body Guard waiting in an escalate was gonna chase after me.