Stories Superfluous

Date: 6/3/2017

By Fitful

I was living with some friends, girls, and we were defending our rights in this organized coalition. It involved a lot of preparations and an office. ~ I hatched some dragons out of eggs, there might have been as many as 7. They didn't look like typical dragons, but more like a cross between a pterodactyl and a crow, with a skellington head and beak. They were lovely little babies, and I knew they should have a place to fly like an open desert. But i was afraid they would fly away and I'd never see them again. I named them, Latin sounding names like Bravarios(which is the only name I can recall) and sent them aloft trying to teach them to fly in my little suburban house. They flew round the room once but didn't really have room so they landed on the stairs. The cat was very interested so I got a water bottle and sprayed the cat. The flock of them freaked out, flying around the room like mad. I had forgotten they were afraid of water. I found them huddled in the living room under a blanket, dripping and scared. I felt so bad, I wanted to dry them and cuddle them. I got a leaf blower and tried t dry them but they were even more scare of sound. I felt even worse and cuddled them and dried them off by hand with the blanket they cowered under. One of them was missing tho, it was the leader. I noticed my airline tickets were also missing from my pocket. Apparently the leader went upstairs and cashed them, I went to the stairs as he came down and handed me the note. It was a flight plan and a note. It said I didn't have time for them any more. I was really sad as they left out the front door. I said goodbye, my face pressed against their skellington beaks and they left. But a cop was harassing them and some kids a bit after they left. I watched out the window and the cop hit a child and another child got it on camera. I was determined to let the babies I hatches go, but I went out to protect them. But everyone was gone, the front yard was deserted. ~ I went back home, some reunion type thing, and I was aware I'd have to face my rapist who had raped me when I was a teenager. He had done so while we were working, behind the bar towards the end of the day, while some chicken covered for him and didn't see it was rape. I watched the memory of what happened and it was a little unclear, apparently I was quite drunk but also being chocked the whole time. He took me to a secret room and proceeded to rape me, but I thought the acting was dumb. It showed a close up of my neck, which had been wrapped in a rope, but then the close up was perfect twine instead and looked to be a hand pretending to be a neck. After arriving back home I saw the rapist was actually a nice guy now genuinely, and I didn't have reason to be mad at him anymore. It deflated my anger a bit and I felt there was no where for it to go. ~ I was with friends again, we had this long storyline I can't remember, like a book trilogy. I was aware of the story playing out as the writer sat in the restaurant typing, oh it was Alice from The L Word. The book was interesting, light and fun. I was a character who sorts drifted and the others were trying to get me to work in the restaurant with them, serving food. I did serve two hamburgers just to be nice. One girl, because a prophecy said something big would happen, caught her diamond braclet on this guy's pants and ripped it away revealing he wore a woman's gown and pantyhose underneath dressed to the nines. He was a jock type, large black man who played professional football. It was a shock to the whole restaurant, but the girl just found him more intriguing and murmurs something about it getting him some pumps. I though the third book was stupid tho, and told the author that, and she was offended but later confessed she didn't really have any ideas for the third book so just wrote whatever. ~ I woke up in the middle of the night pissed off, so angry it couldn't contain it. I wanted to destroy the world and fell back asleep to imaging all the cities where my family members lived being destroyed by godzilla.