Breaking into the o2 arena?

Date: 8/9/2017

By dreamlover99

I spontaneously jumped on a train to central London with my friends and we had nothing to do once we were there so we broke into the o2 arena as it was closed for refurbishments. We got in very easily using a ladder and an open window, but I was using the ladder to reach the floor from the window and accidentally missed the footing and fell to the floor. I laid there embarrassed rather than injured while my friends laughed at me. Then we had the sudden thought that the security cameras would be recording us so we headed to find where the footage is kept. We opened the door and saw a security guard there but he was laughing. He had seen the footage of me falling down the ladder and he thought it was so embarrassing that he let us off. Then we asked him if he knew anywhere we could go in London that didn't involve breaking in and he recommended the nearby McDonald's. We got some burgers and went back home on the train.