Date: 8/5/2017

By parisleech13

So there was this death and what happened was someone died in the house. And we were given this 24 hour video (which was a song) that cleaned the spirits away. So I put it on and half way through the night I got up and was like what if this doesn't work. I suddenly got really hot so I sat infront of my fan and then I started getting possessed. Through my fan. Idek how!! So I was suddenly possessed and I went downstairs and saw Chucky. He was killing my dad. Then I decided to kill someone. And then I was in possessed and it went all into Chucky. Then I killed Chucky. Then I went to school and it was weird because it was shaped like an apartment. There was this cream old fashioned piano and I started to play it. Then I went into one of the apartment rooms and helped this guy pack away his things because he was moving out. So we packed away and I was wearing an oversized baggy tank top that came to around mid thigh. I sat on the bed and turned on the tv. Then this girl (she was meant to be my best friend but I actually don't know who she was) came in and we started to speak. A few minutes later Evan peters walked in. But it wasn't him normal. It was him in all the face paint (ahs. Where he shoots up a school) but he was a friend of mine. And these other 'badass' lads walked in behind him. Somehow. It was a whole class in the apartment. So I sat on the bed. Evan came and sat next to me. Then my best friend next to him. And then behind him and me were the 3 'badass' lads. They started tourmenting him about sitting next to me. So I turned around and was like do you want to say that again and he was like oooo look at Miss badass over here. Then I started getting really cocky and he started getting pissed and was like. I'm going to punch you in a minute if you don't shut up. So I turned around to him and was like go on then. And smirked and turned back around. Then he punched my back. I laughed and was like. Is that the best you can do. And punched him in his eye. Then Evan started chuckling. Then lunch came and me, Evan and my best friend went and sat in a corner and everyone was looking and then I was like what they looking at. Then my best friend looks at us sitting next to each other and then was like. Shit. It's trumps table. And I look up to see him standing over us. Smiling. I literally almost threw up in my mouth and got up and went to the other side of the lunch hall but as I stood up. Trump grabbed my arm and was like "watch your back" I just rolled my eyes and followed behind Evan and my best friend. But as I started walking I noticed everyone was staring and I walked past the lads table they were sat with a few other guys and they were like oooo she scary. I started laughing and went and sat down next to Evan. Then my best friend was like shit! I was like what this time. And she was like it's my sisters birthday. I need to get ready. And I was like why. And she was like. Erm paparazzi. Then I was like oh. Yeah. (Because for some reason she was famous. Idk what for) so we said bye to Evan and left him for like 5 minutes to go get ready. She wore a pink princess dress and I wore a dark red mermaid dress. Then we came back into the hall and everyone was looking at us and I was like oh shit. More attention. And my best friend was like yay. Sarcastically. Ngl. I did look hot in my dream😂 then her sister came out in a blue princess dress. (Ngl. I'm getting a little hint of why they were famous now) and then this other little girl. I think was her sisters best friend came out in a purple princess dress. So then my best friend walked out the doors first to get to the private jet on the tennis course. So I walked with her and her family. And then I was like. I think I'll pass. I'm not really a big fan of planes. I'll meet you later. So I went and got changed back into my normal outfit. Then went back to my room. (Where I got possessed) then this demon came and it scared the shit out of me. So I was freaking out and just walked off. I then went to get my nails done and was speaking with the nail lady. Because she was a close friend of mine. Then I went to get on this plane to get away from him. Half way through the plane ride, the flight attendant was like I'm gonna have to ask you to get off and I was like what why. And she was like I just can't have you on her. Emma will escort you off and I was like wth. So we landed in town and 'emma' stood up and it was the fucking nail lady?! And she whispered come with me in my ear and pulled my arm. So we were all of a sudden back at the nail salon but it was closed. Then, she was like. You saw something didn't you. And I was like. Erm no. And she was like yes you did. You saw a man. You saw him as a demon. Didn't you. And I was like. Erm. Maybe. Idk. And she pulled out this old fashioned box and it had a photo of a wolf. A demon. And a human man. Then on top of them all was s gold necklace with this dark red squared gem. She started to explain they're all the same person and this necklace was left for me. And I was like wth. Why me. I don't know him. And she was like I know you don't know him. That's why I'm scared for you. Because he's dangerous. (Did I forget to mention she's meant to be a witch also) so she took me outside the back. And it was full of snow. The grounds were covered as far as the eye could see. By this time I have the necklace on. Then I kept walking. Idk why but I was drawn to this certain spot and she was like stop. Stop walking. You can't keep walking. But she wouldn't follow. Then the wolf from the photos came out and started to growl at me. I didn't stop though. I kept of walking. Then the wolf tackled me to the ground. I was like wth. And screamed. All of a sudden I was unconscious. I then woke up in a bed and next to me was the witch, nail lady, flight attendant. Then she was like how you feeling and I just groaned and was like how long have I been out for. And she was like 2 days, how much do you remember? And I was like. That wolf thing tackled me. I screamed. That's it. She just hummed in response and I sat up. I then turned my head and he was there. But in human form. I quickly got out of bed and went to the other side of the room and he just stood up. I was like no. Stay there Wolfie demon. He growled at me and I was like. Stop growling. You're not scary. You make yourself look stupid. ( I was being such a bitch) then the witch started to explain that I was knocked out by the force and hit my head pretty hard. He stayed there all the time. Then a few months passed and wolfie started to get nicer. It got to Christmas and I gave him a present. He was like I didn't get you anything and I was like. I don't care. I just wanted to give you something as you're not acting like a demon anymore. The end