Poisonous Frogs and a Young man of God

Date: 8/13/2019

By UniqueStarque

I'm staying the night at Eleanor's house after she tells me her mom touched a poisonous frog which put her in a whole lot of pain. As I'm there, I begin to see a few very colorful and beautiful frogs, but I know they're poisonous. I admire them, I look at them in wonder. So beautiful. But as I try getting settled into Eleanor's bedroom, everywhere I go there are poisonous frogs. On the walls, under the bed, in a pair of shoes, everywhere you can think of. Beautiful, brightly colored poisonous frogs of every size are everywhere, I begin to panic. But there are still more, even in the bed, tiny ones the size of a grain of sand. I freak out and I have to leave. As I leave I'm crossing the border with a group of young boys, we hop across a large gap and onto a bridge which leads elsewhere. On the large concrete bridge, I see a mother with a young child covered in water gasping for breath. As I go over, I realize the mother is thrilled because her daughter was brought back to life by a man of God on the bridge. As I continue walking, I see a man who who isn't white or black, but rather an in-between color. He is young and handsome and has this look of warmth and peace in his eyes. He is preaching. He has set up a bunch of free food for whoever want some and is preaching as people listen and eat. I stare into his eyes and listen to what he is saying. (Although I can't remember what he said, I think it was truth). I leave the bridge to tell my mother where I am and as return to the bridge across the border, the man of God is gone. As I stand there, someone comes up to me and tells me the the man of God cannot be there and has asked if I would read his books out loud to the people. I'm thrilled that this was asked of me, so I sit down and begin reading as people listen.