Cops, Harley’s and Murders.

Date: 2/28/2019

By Ether_Erebus

Walking out of random house (which is supposed to be my parents apparently) and kid says “I like you hair better in a bun” but I reply with “yeah well that’s hard and this ponytail is what you get”. I always walk out of the back sliding doors. The sun is shining and I’m wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt with black pants and white converse. As I walk out, I hug this random girl, maybe my age or a few years younger (in the dream I’m like 27, 28 years old, right now in real life I’m 21) and say “haha, see you in another 1.5 years” (clearly in my dream I don’t get along with my parents) and as I’m walking towards the Harley’s parked in front of Melanie’s house, I get stopped by two random cops who keep asking me random questions about “we’re here to ask you about what happened a a few days ago” and I’m like “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. One of the cops looked like Eddie Murphy. And it’s summer time. I turn towards the house and Daman comes out from inside the house and starts yelling at the cops that I wouldn’t know anything. And when they leave, I ask her what all of that was about and she says “yeah, they just keep trying to talk about the guy got stabbed 11 times with a knife” and i’m like “what?!” And then I wake up.