Club Penguin closes and I Felt Really Fat

Date: 6/24/2017

By IFailAtUsernames

I think this dream was set back in time or in a au based on how things happened. So I was younger in the dream I think (or I looked younger) and I was browsing online on my DSi (which cannot be done anymore either argh) that Club Penguinn was going to be shut down, I freaked out and cried. It was sunny outside so I wanted to play it since it was gonna be shutttinh down but I wanted to sit outside in the sun because I wanted freckles (this must've been an au, I wouldn't be that young and wanted freckles so badly or be that young and CP was shutting down, or I looked really young like I said previously.) I was still crying while logging onto CP but Noe outside in the sunshine. Dad asked why I was crying and I told him but then he said something about if I wanted to go to pride tomorrow cuz the previous day in the dream I'd came out to them as bi and that I have a gf and there was a pride event happening in our area timmoriw inn the dream ( they know I'm bi but I've never came out to them per se, they know bc I've talked about being fond of/having crushes on both males and females, when I first started doing this Mom was mad at me and regected me for a while (she doesn't as much anymore but she also avoids acknowledging the topic when it comes up still) but dads always been totally fine about it) I said "sure" then after he went I stated crying again bc I was really fat and I wanted to wear my dress but I felt way to fat in my dream to do so (in my dream my face was fatter that it is now irl, my Stomach was the same and my thighs were thinner) after debating for a while I put the laptop in sleep mode and decided to figure out my BMI so I weighed myself and I was 10 pounds lighter than I am irl ATM then I went upstairs and found a height measure on foot so I was super happy about that, so I didn't have to worry about converting it, it was a pink Barbie measure your height thing (which I might've had when I was little but I'm not sure?) I tried to measure my height withbit but I couldn't bc it kept moving and flopping over (it was made of paper that had been shined!) so I called Dad to help and while he was fixing it I went into the other room randomly, idk why, I think I was just bored, and it had changed a lot. There were less junk in there and some of the storage devices were gone and the white bookcase had gone, there were a massive pink and white bed replacing then. I was looking THRU a new storage device and I've kinda forgotten wgat was in all of them now but there was something really weird in all of them. Dad called me back and I was still amazed at the room Id just been in and he said he couldn't get it in the right position and äfftet he left I crawled under my bed covers and cried and then I woke up.