The Devil's Apples and Evils of Family

Date: 1/23/2019

By Fitful

I had a job to search for ancient evil creatures. Or something like that. I enjoyed my job. It was like a mission and I was good at finding them. They hid on islands and in mystical homes and I collected necklace and charms and chains to locate them. Sometimes I found them and they brainwashed me to forget making it double difficult. I'm chilling on a green grassy field with my girlfriend video recording her on my phone. She's in this hooded cowl with a snake wrapped around her neck and head and looks super cool. The green grassy feild is take over by a local prep school of boys who want to play some sport game on it. A smart one, genius really, manages to cut the fielt into grids by just drawing free hand diamonds everywhere. I record him doing that as it's impressive. I'm setting up ear buds on the side of this sport field as we lounge in the night. Each earbud represents a movie/location/ piece of the puzzle for I've found these creatures are all linked together and having found so many I'm close to finding the big one. I've seen her before, I was there in her lair, she did stuff to me, but I can't remember. She's a big one though, an ancient evil, a creature with long claws and warped skin and body. My girl is so nice and rearranges the ear buds and the necklaces in order. I play wit lh the necklaces and beads and figure out the long string means something, I figure out where the ancient one is almost, like the knowledge is just beyond my reach. But something clicks. I realize the ancient island isn't out there but in me, and I rush home to my garden and find a creature there. I rush home by going internal, just as easy as closing my eyes. In my garden I unearth and capture something like an armadillo. It had been tortured in hell, someone had been harvesting its hooves again and again. I try and hold onto it but it's so scared it escapes. It drops its harvested hoof and I find a silver metal plate. One side is an apple the other side says devil. These are the devil's apples, being harvest again and again making him rich. I'm so thrilled to find it. ~ I'm given a baby. It's out of the blue, like someone giving away a new puppy. This baby boy is newborn and jolly with blonde hair and fair skin. I take him home in his car seat and settle him down for the night there. Then I sleep. The next day I go and get him. He's happy. I decide he needs a bath, like you would give a new puppy when you bring one home, and I have to take of so many layers of clothes, most of them girl clothes. I wonder if they added so many clothes so I would have a decent star on his wardrobe. But as most of them are girl clothes I decide I'm going to get him boy clothes and I change his diaper and give him a bath. The next night he sleeps in his crib, the one I set up for me in my room(s) downstairs. This time I'm not as worried when I wake up after him. He's safe and playing and always so happy so I leave him while I wake up. I'm up in the kitchen when my grandmother and mother show up. They heard about the baby and seem inclined to "help" with advice which is why they are here. I'm slightly judged for leaving him alone while I sleep in. My grandmother does praise me for getting his crib set up at least. I ignore them a bit. I'm busy setting up my house. It's downstairs in the basement of their house, or a house. I ask if they have any extra baby clothes, I'm worried I can't keep the bay because I have no money to buy baby clothes. They bring a new kitten with them, it sickly and hurt, and afraid of everybody. You can't pick it up as it's body is so broken it might fall apart. But it trusts me to pet it as my energy is different after being around the baby. I feel that's something at least. My grandmother wants to give me things and asks to see my home. I lead them down the steps. The steps are made of oven racks so I'm slightly embarrassed but I take them down, then down several more stairs which are more normal. These I know are my lucifer stairs, the black stairs in the normal steps give me directions where to go. I put aside a box of occult things, not wanting them to see them, and hope the other boxes would make it uninteresting. I lead them to my home, which is basically a set of rooms, all ramshackle and up and down like the basement. We travel through several miles of what seams like warehouse but is basically just the basement of family ancestry home. There are so many couches. I am so excited because I've been wanting a Gothic one. I find a beautiful Gothic headdress and veil that I put on on top my hat. My mother claims it's was hers and I'm stunned. Why did she never give it to me, tell me about it. I'm so Gothic and you never told me? I take off my hat and put on just the headdress and veil. It's beautiful with roses and horns carved in pitch black wood with a black veil in white trim going down my back. My mother mumbles something about not deciding to give it to me yet. I get the impression she doesn't want to encourage me being Gothic. I keep searching for the couch I want, a Gothic Victorian one. I see a lot of couches from over the years, some have names and incredible fond history, I recognize them from photos. I see quite a few I'd accept and there's still miles more. Downstairs I show my grandmother my room. She pulls out a vaccum from the closet one I didn't know was there. Its an old vaccum of hers, a child's vaccum build like the old ones with the seperate take and wand upright part. This one is done in all pastels and covered in Winnie the Pooh theme. It's also huge, being half the size of an adult and maybe three times the size a child one should be. I love it, even though I want a Gothic room I beg my grandmother to give it to me. She tells me no boys would want me if they come into my room and see that they'd run right out. It's too childish. I tell her maybe thats fine, I don't want boys ever ever ever again anyway. This makes her uncomfortable. She agrees reluctant, and I think her agreement comes with the belief or comment I can't get a man anyway. All through this trip down stairs I take a shadow and put on clothes and take them off again. Now in my room my grandmother tells me to get dressed. She's hugging me though and it's very uncomfortable which I tell her.