Messing up mac and cheese (forgot the cheese) while babysitting and asking for job interview through text

Date: 9/25/2019

By pinkstar16121

The mac and cheese was this product of the woman whose daughter I was babysitting. It came with all the ingredients including this powder that looked like white cheddar, but it wasn't cheese at all. I think it was like yeast or something. I knew there was this liquid cheese that went in last, but I forgot to put it in. Apparently you made the sauce by itself like you would with homemade mac and cheese because it was just the cheese sauce. I stirred it well, and I tried it. It tasted salty and disgusting, not at all what I was expecting, and I knew immediately I had forgotten the key ingredient. I think I was texting my friend, and I told him about the mac and cheese. Then I was texting the mom I was babysitting for, saying I'd love to basically become a representative of her mac and cheese product, after I had just screwed it up, asking if we could talk more about it or something. Her response: I'd love to! I should tell you that there is only one lock on the door. The other lock is broken, so you will have to come in through the garage. It was random, but I read the text multiple times, focused mostly on the first sentence, excited and feeling like I was accepted for a job interview. When I was reading the random part, I kept looking at these stairs that were in front of me, like the platform stairs in my dad's house that lead from the living room to the kitchen and vice versa. Specifically, I looked at the side of them and I saw this brass lock on it. I think my family's late friend's daughter was in my dream, inside the house. She sat on the couch, and we were talking about something that I remember she apologized for, like a condolence, but I can't remember what we were talking about.