Date: 3/25/2017

By sarah6

I was in a giant warehouse playing an intense game of paintball with my friends. This went on for a while until this little girl, which none of us know who she is or where she came from, blows up a giant, heavy duty vehicle on the other side of the warehouse. We all drop our paintball guns and duck for cover. We all hear and feel this enormous, body shaking boom. It didn't destroy much because the warehouse was for big, hardcore, strong machines. We each peek our heads out and we see hundreds of soldiers wearing bulletproof clothing, hats, masks, and carrying crazy guns. This was the real life call of duty. We didn't have any guns, but we managed to take a soldier down and steal his. After that we shot them down and each got guns. Next, our squad went into an all out rage of killing. We got even last one of those bad guys that were attacking us for no reason. After congratulating each other on somehow not dying, we all went home. After going home my mom and dad took me to a peach store. As we were picking out peaches to buy, my mom told me that she had booked my a round trip flight to California where I would stay for a week and then fly back. I was excited and scared because I didn't want to go all by myself. My parents dropped my off at the airport and we said our goodbyes. The airport was huge. Everything was sliver and black. It had multiple elevators and floors with all kinds of stuff. If anything, it was more like a 5 star hotel. I flew to Cali and to my surprise, two of my friends, Desy and Maddie, were there waiting for me. After having fun there, it was time to leave. My friends and I boarded the plane and took off. We were about 20 minutes from landing when something went wrong. The plane was going down. My friends and I held on to each other and then boom. The plane crashed and exploded. I didn't remember the crash or explosion, but I became conscious in the plane. I woke my friend Desy up, but Maddie wouldn't wake. We picked her up and carried her out of the destroyed plane. When we got out of all of the smoke, we realized we crashed into the fancy airport. We worked our way down and out of the place and sat Maddie on a bench where she woke up. She got really mad at us for some odd reason and stormed off. I said by to Desy and walked into the parking lot. There I found my parents and we exchanged hugs. My dad then decided to take me car shopping, so we drove to a car dealership. We went straight to the Dodge Chargers. I got a sparkly silvery gray one. On the way home, I decided that I didn't like it and I wanted a better color, so I tried to drive back, but the roads were really high and curvy. I accidentally drove off one and went flying. It was me and my mom in the car, my dad was in his own. As we were flying through the air, I directed the car and made it land on another road. We crashed and rolled a couple times, but we were fine. After that, I woke up.