Date: 6/21/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am in a living room standing in the middle. There are a few people sitting in recliners and couches watching tv. I walk straight into a bedroom. I turn around and can still see the people in the living room watching tv. I feel like i am watching a movie but i am in it. Its like a movie i have seen a hundred times. I already know what is going to happen. There is going to be a man coming through the living room. A murderer. A girl and a boy enter the bedroom i am in, they are about to get on the bed. A murderer is coming i tell them you need to leave. I see the man in the living room. He is really tall and wide. He starts walking towards the room. I tell the couple to leave through a side door attached to the bedroom. I start panicking and look for a place to hid. I slide under the bed making sure my body isnt exposed. I hear him enter the room. I can hear the bed creaking. He is getting on the bed for some reason. He is so heavy that the bed frame is sitting on my chest. The pressure hurts.