University and Rape

Date: 7/13/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I had started studying an innovative course at what looked like a university, it was called "****planning", I had been taking several notes and I had carried them with me. I reached a place which looked a lot like a place here in Cerenova and started dancing. Then some people whom I recognized as friend from the university started chatting with me and we talked about economics. I was going to a place for dinner, I remember the logo but I cannot remember the name though I am almost sure I haven't been there and I don't know if it exists in real life. I arrived there and sat at the table on a couch, ordered something small and consumed it. I was waiting for Flavia. After a while, a man approached me. He was not thin and had black hair, I assumed it was the owner of the place most probably. He started caressing me and at then he undressed me, before everybody. I was wearing a black tight skirt, he slid that off of my body, did the same with my thighs. Another girl came and sat next to him. She looked like she knew what she was doing, he did the same to her and then started touching us everywhere. My phone would ring but he was sitting in front of my backpack, he stopped just to take it and make me read what my mum was saying while he was doing such things to us. Then he left with the other girl to fuck her in some kind of room I think. She had straight brown hair, was dressed like me but was thinner I think. I couldn't calm down so when I see he'd left my phone, I was unable to call the police or to ask somebody for help. Everybody was looking at us anyway... Then he came back, slid a finger on my clitoris and then bent me so that he could fuck my ass because I told him I was on my period, he'd answered he'd find another way to fuck me, grinning. After bending over, I was facing the ground and there was a pencil and a sheet of paper, there were lots of mosquitos on the ground, he screamed at me that I had to draw, then he slammed my head onto the ground. I started drawing as he was sliding the tip of his penis on my butthole, then when he was about to enter my mom woke me up.