Water park.

Date: 7/10/2017

By baylsx

This dream was about me and my family going to a water park but the slides were really close to us and we didn't have to wait in line, I went on the slide first and then so did Lewis and it took about 5 minutes to go through it was a tower on and you got dropped down holes to get to the level below. When it was my brother luckas turn I had a feeling I should go down with him as he was on an inflatable, whilst we were going down my parents and Lewis went to the coast road to get ice cream and I asked for a bubblegum and chocolate. As we were going down the slide luckas was struggling with the flow of water to get down the holes so I had to drag him to the end, once it had finished we couldn't get out ice creams as instead of ice creams there were heads on them :/ Finally the last part of my dream turned into a cartoon because a cartoon character painted the house across from him "red, white and blue" for Independence Day and then when the cartoon character came out of his house he didn't see until he went to get his car but another car was ramming in to the back of that one. The end.😌