Two hot guys and a breakfast booth

Date: 7/6/2019

By clointoronto

I met these two guys; not my preference but still hot AF. So I started to date them. One lived with his mom, the other, I guess by himself. With one of them, we kept having sex in weird places. We did it in a restaurant but in a booth where there was a family that was already sitting there. They came back to their table (which we didn’t realize was theirs) and I popped up, whipped my dress back down while he’s standing there with this penis out trying to get it back in his pants. The old woman just looked at him disgusted but no one said anything. We had sexual a couple of times in weird places. The other one had a nice car, was super nice and all but for some reason we could never get to that point. We’d always start but never get past the heavy make out. I then decided I needed to make a decision on who I wanted to be with because I was falling in love with two guys and didn’t want to break hearts. I decided I was going to go with the dude that I hadn’t slept with yet but he hadn’t responded to the chip I wrote for him and I was thinking maybe he didn’t like me. I dunno....I just remember writing something sexy with edible ink on it and leaving it for him to find earlier that day. But then I got a call from guy I was sleeping with, asking if I wanted to come over and get something. My intuition was telling me not to. I felt as though his ex girlfriend was back in the picture and they were trying to lure me back to his house to kill me or play a prank on me. I was sad about the other guy but also sad that I wasn’t going to get to have sex with them anymore. Then I woke up.