A change and school days

Date: 1/18/2017

By shadesallday

I'm at home, I think I was just in an argument with my family. I've started packing up my things into boxes and bags. Once I've collected most of my things I go back for my clothes. I'm at a school, I don't know what school or grade I'm in. I'm walking in the common area and I can see other students. They are all people I went to school with, but none of them are people I was very close with. I start talking to someone and the dream ends. I find myself in a classroom with students I've never seen before. I'm sitting in the second or third row from the front. I the teacher is lecturing about math, possibly algebra, and I'm totally lost. I take a few notes, but I'm still very confused. Behind me I notice a familiar face, he's not a close friend, but he's the only one I recognize. we talk for a second and then I go back to focusing on the class. the teacher asks the class how to solve one of the questions, I'm still lost. He erases part of the board and states that it was the homework. I ask one of the students if I can copy the questions from him. He says yes, but not till after class. I wake up