Android escape

Date: 7/20/2019

By Lukea334

This dream follows on from another one I was having but I can no longer remember. I see her, or him, lying on the floor. For a brief moment they look normal, or as normal as someone can look sprawled out across the street. Through the darkness I can just about make out their facial features. That is when I see the pulsating purple tattoo on their face. They scream out loud, as if the pattern is burning their skin. I hear footsteps behind me and, for some reason, I decide that they are after both myself and the person on the floor. I pick up the prone person in my arms and run down the street, lit only by the light of the moon. I feel the people, or shadows, gaining on me from behind. I look down at the person in my arms and, when I can feel the breath of the shadows on the back of my neck, I swing the person's legs around and strike the one closest to me. They crumple to the ground and the others pause for a second to look at it. I keep running.