Old dream

Date: 9/8/2019

By bjuengling5

I have bin having this dream for years now and I don’t understand why. I would start out the dream with me looking at my mom and then she would kinda get further and further away kinda like the videos of where people go back into their memories and the whole world zooms out but that would happen whenever I stare at something to much. And then I just end up in my kitchen and I would zoom out but this time I become really tiny and all of a sudden everyone becomes mad at me. I have a brother and a sister but for some reason only my brother would be In this one and my dad won’t be in it ether so just my mom and brother. So I start running down my hallway to the stairs and start flying up the stairs while my brother and mom chase me and this will go on for what feels like hours. Then I will be in the kitchen again and I won’t stop zooming out it’s like a never ending loop. But then I begin getting chased again but this time it’s like really scary I don’t know why but I just feel butterflies in my stomach and feel tears form but never come out typical thing you would feel when you running while your scared. Then I will wake up in a really big fright and then the dream will just play in my head non stop until I like take a shower and sometimes it will still be in my head. But if anyone has the same thing as me or has a dream similar to mine please tell me so we can’t talk and see all our other dreams.