summer skate park with ryan.

Date: 2/18/2017

By Soren

I went to a skate park with ryan it was really big but there was hella stores around it. So we skated every day and ryan went of a huge ass jump and barley didnt land it. It was like 30ft tall that lead into a rail that went down 14 stares. Then I tried and for some reason I landed it I sat under a tree and thought for a long time about an offer I got to leave for a once in a life time opportunity but I can't even remember what it was for. Anyway after the two weeks I get back and there is still a lot of people. I went into a taco Delmar and talked to ice cube who told me where ryan went because he was gone. It turned out he got the same offer I got 2 days later just with a different company. When I was talking to him I noticed my old friend VJ eating with an old group of friends from high school. They said they wouldn't talk to me because I left them for two weeks. I went back and asked ice cube when ryan would get back, he gave me a meal off the menu that I didnt even like but I had to eat it anyway. Then he said he will be back before you know it. I left taco Delmar to see ryan walking up and then we talked about the sponsors and skated like it was the old days ( two weeks before we left lol) then I had a tun of nostalgia and woke up.