Date: 6/22/2019

By debyyyy

So this dream lasted for like 10 seconds but I still wanted to write about it because I had this app for a while now and this is the firs dream that I remember. But anyways, a lot of stuff has been happening between my sister and her babydaddy and I have been on my toes the whole time. So last night I dreamt that I was sleeping in the room where I sleep with my 8 month old nephew and my sister. I heard her get up from the bed to go in the living room. Then 3 seconds later I hear her scream “NO (his name) STOPP❗️” So I was trying to get up but I was stuck and in my head I’m telling myself like get the hell up and help your sister but I was freaking stuck. (Minor sleep paralysis). But then I woke up from my sleep and got up as if I was gonna go outside to help her but then I saw her still sleeping next to me.