Big Party

Date: 8/12/2019

By IndridCold

Earlier in the dream I was with brandy and we were trying to trick this tall powerful guy (with long hair I think) into incriminating himself in some way. Possibly trying to get him to sign this form that would get us out of trouble. As time went on I became less and less sure that we were doing the right thing. Later in the dream I was preparing with some friends for a big party that was going to happen. In one room was a large round table that was glowing. There was also a courtyard area where DJ stuff was set up. Gaby showed up and said “this is a really nice restaurant” though I don’t remember anything about this place that looked like a restaurant. I was setting up this cardboard wall, and at one point I was writing this message to Jagi, it was written in a square spiral on this large piece of paper. I think it was lyrics to a song and it was written in a sort of hieroglyphics, where there were images that represented a phrase of a certain length.