Three Dreams

Date: 2/4/2019

By coll23

First Dream had to do with going back to school. This was a recurring dream. Me and my sister traveled to our school. We went to this room that was a computer lab. I recall thinking "all the other times we were here it was empty". But this time, it seems other students had the same idea as us and were using the computer lab as well. But, there were actually very few computers present. It was replaced by their own gadgets magically floating. I now recall there were no stands. Second dream: First of the night involving my uncle. We were sitting on a couch and I assume we were discussing something. Then I got up to walk away somewhere with my mom. Then, this white Hispanic guy comes up and begins chastising my uncle about his puppy. But my uncle had no puppy in real life. I remember feeling like beating the guy up for screaming at my uncle. We walk past him, and he courteously moves so we I could pass. I assume we were leaving this house. Third dream: Other dream of my uncle. We were in a community center inside my church. I was in the gym part with my uncle. My mom tells me to go say goodbye to my uncle. I walk down the stairs to the gym part of the community center. I recall grabbing my sweatshirt from what is supposed to hold basketballs. I walked up to my uncle to say goodbye. He says " I'm leaving now" and we hug and I cry in the dream. Then my mom comes up and says " You were more emotional this time. Your sister enjoyed the catwalk".