Treasure uncovered

Date: 6/17/2019

By Rainbowinsight

I was in a very tall building. People were looking frantically for someone when they found out they had gone outside on the ledge. This woman counted to three then jumped but somehow there was a shaft full of water she fell into the water pulled her down it was like another dimension as she was able to breath however she was unable to reach the bottom. Then she appeared at the top again getting ready to jump but as she looked down she could see the water level rapidly going down until at the bottom she could see diamonds and other precious stones had been created by the water pressure: Next scene: she walked into a jewellers to get this massive diamond in the rough valued. The guy examined it and said it was worth 15 million she agreed to the sale with a deposit of 3million. He said they didn’t have that much money at hand as they weren’t expecting her to arrive with such a treasure. This was only one of many diamonds she had found but was careful not to say anything. When she left another dude who had been watching snuck in with his own diamond he had taken from her stash. ( the plot thickens lol)