Lucid dreaming again!🐠🐟🐬🐳🐡

Date: 5/6/2017

By madnewman13😼

I dreamt that I was at my school out on the playground. My mom was talking to a fifth grader's mom. I was out with my crush, doing whatever. He has always been somewhere throughout my dreams lately! We were noticing all the strange changes like missing equipment and weird things added, like a fence where the low red bars used to be. Then a third grader who was Faith came running over to us. "Do you guys want to play an awesome game?!" I looked at my crush. "Sure!" My crush wanted to play. I did not. It was on the soccer field. And the DUMBEST game ever. You had this cubed shape ball that you passed around. A man and younger woman were teaching everyone how to play. You even wore shoulder pads like in football so you wouldn't get 'hurt'. And so many people were playing. My mom had disappeared so I was alone. "Phtt... Who would want to... Wait! I'm lucid dreaming!" I said aloud. And I wanted attention! I thought of where I wanted to go. But before that, I went over to the game and stole the cubed shaped ball. I ran away with it. Then I ran into the parking lot, which out of the blue turned into an ocean with a bunch of swimming orcas and Dolphins. All the people chasing me and I all got sucked into a whirl pool. We were soon trapped under a house made of water, but which was hollow. I soon forgot I was lucid dreaming because I was too busy trying to find my way out of the house and talking to Dori who appeared there. 🐟