Vampire Battle and Scary Drivers

Date: 2/16/2017

By ThatHayleyBeing

It started with me being in a vampire faction who wanted to dominate over humans. The two factions came together and they decided that whoever could take power over an abandoned tower got to be called the dominating faction. There was a problem though, we had to find a specific key to the tower and retrieve it from a stubborn courier-type person. I hid behind a wall and shot the courier in the heart with a bow and arrow. I managed to get the key but I was instantly teleported into my house and it was during the summer. I went outside and I remember someone saying I wasn't allowed back in until it was dark so I walked down the street and found one of my friends and we went to go get my other friend right until my sister throws a heavy object (I can't really remember what it was) and my friend decided it was a good idea to throw it over a black futuristic van but when she threw it it hit off the roof of the van and the driver came after us. He was quite overweight and didn't have much hair but when he glared at us I could see that he had many gaping holes. I got such a fright that he'd try to hurt me by the way he approached me and I woke up.