Golfing and random stuff

Date: 5/16/2019

By jrouse2323

I barely remember this dream but I do remember that it was super windy and I was at an old golf course. I hit a super flush 9 iron and it landed like 3 feet from the pin but because it was super windy it went off the green. I had a caddy but it felt like he was a friend of some sort. Anyways I ask him what he’s thinking on this shot. He said to put it because the grass is short. I disagreed because I used to work there and I remembered how the grass was actually cut so I said I should bump and run it. So he supported me and said go for it. And he went to go get the flag and for whatever reason there was a cannon on the green and the hole grew. The hole now was like 3 feet wide and he was rolling the cannon all over the green which was destroying the green. This was giving me a huge headache and anxiety because I was like WTF is he doing. Then that ended the dream.