Sky rides | Why is SHE in my garage?! 😠😡

Date: 6/13/2017

By madnewman13😼

The first section of my dream took place at a park similar to Cedar Point, just the rides went above the clouds. My younger brother kept dragging me on all of them. This one ride sling shot you up in the sky. We were the only ones at this park. When we shot up, I was screaming at my brother and asking why the hell he wanted to go on this. Next part of my dream; My mom and I met up at our garage late at night to find a bunch of my old classmates and previous classmates. My crush was there too. To my surprise, Muser Danielle Cohn was there. I hate her so much. She is so stupid. Anyway, it seemed to me that my crush was flirting with her, just to ANNOY ME EVEN MORE. Then someone turned on the radio and a song played. She started singing and I nearly laughed my pants off because of how bad she sang, even tho my crush payed full attention to her the entire time. "And you're a singer?" I laughed. My friend Alex was there and she laughed bc she also hates her. My kindergarten best friend Jenna was sitting by her the whole time. And every time I mad a mean comment she'd glare at me. I saw my mom go inside, so I rushed inside with her. "Why is SHE in our garage, mother?!" I asked. She looked at Danielle. "What do you mean? She looks nice." My mom replied. "Nice?! She's anything but nice! She just pretends to be! In fact, she's self centered, 13 and has had 3 boyfriends, a belly button piercing at 12, a terrible singer, can't handle hate from her haters, and a brat! Yeah, she sounds nice mom!" I told her. "Okay, whatever. Let's just leave," she said. "Let's!" I said. Most people were leaving anyway.