Possessed Panda Doll

Date: 1/31/2017

By BiancaWall

I walked into my old bedroom (from when I was a kid, pink curtains, pink bed and a shelf with all my teddy bears on it) and I looked at my old panda doll that I used to play with as a child. I was afraid to look away because somehow I know that it would start moving if I did. I just kept starring at it, when it suddenly opened its mouth in a weird jerking motion and let out a scream. I screamed right away, trying to turn around for the door but it felt like all the energy had been drained from my body and I was unbelievably slow (and the fact that that thing was still behind me made me even more terrified) eventually I got the door open and I ran into my mom's room, crying and shaking, saying that my doll was possessed. We later went back into the room, and the teddy bear just starred at us... not even moving that much except for its mouth which kept opening and closing as it kept talking. It started out in English, saying terrifying things that I don't even remember, when it suddenly started screaming in Latin. I've seen enough horror movies to know that the doll was possessed by satan or a demon or something. I remember telling my dad in my dream that "it was lucifer himself". Later, my mom somehow got rid of the panda, I guess she threw it away outside or something... but as I was laying down to go to bed in my dream, I heard scratching on my window and I knew the doll was outside, just watching me...