Trapped at the Gym, Escaped With My Old Crush.

Date: 1/25/2019

By godseye

I walked into the gym and did my workout, then went to the locker room. When I got out, everything was different and I was in a maze of gym equipment. For some reason, nobody in the gym could see or hear me until I got through the maze. After a trying time through the maze, I saw my crush, Lizzie, from college sitting on a bench by the front door. She was wearing a white top, grey yoga pants and grey Nike’s, and had a light running jacket on the seat beside her. Her beautiful blonde hair was tied in a pony tail. As I walked over to her, we made eye contact. Her striking blue eyes pierced my soul and her smile gave me goosebumps. I went and sat by her, and 3 guys came up making stupid jokes. I told them they needed to leave, and they did right away, surprisingly. She thanked me and asked if I could walk her to her place. When we left, it was dark outside and we were in a really grungy city. She said we had to just make a run for it because that’s the safest way to get through the city. We ran across parking lots, alleys, people’s yards, railroad tracks, and finally jumped a fence and came to a stop at a tall brick building. She pulled out two cigarettes and offered one to me. When I reached out to grab it, it fell in a puddle. She laughed, and I quickly picked it up. I don’t smoke at all and she didn’t either as far as I knew, so it was awkward, but she lit it for me, and we stood there talking while various people walked by. Some also stopped to smoke or hang out. I walked with her around front, we slowly leaned in to kiss, and I woke up.