Heaven is paradise

Date: 7/19/2019

By LdonnyH24

I had a dream that me and my wife Gina both died at the same time. Everything was black and then we woke up in a huge white room. There was a baggage carousel and a TV that appeared to be displaying flight times. I felt very peaceful, like all of my earthly woes and worries were gone. I was extremely happy to have Gina with me. A man standing near the carousel called us over. He said that we died in a car crash and we were now in the terminal that holds the portals to heaven and hell. The man introduced himself as the gate keeper. He talked to us about the things that we did right and wrong while we were alive. We had to answer for our sins and explain ourselves. He then told us to get on the carousel and lay flat on our stomachs. The carousel led us to the portals, one going up and ongoing going down. We were both sucked into the one that was going up. We shot through a tunnel of light and we ascended at a rapid speed until we blacked out. When we woke up, we were at the entrance to heaven. It looked like Hawaii but a thousand times better. A man and a woman both dressed in flight attendant uniforms greeted us at the entrance and handed us Hawaiian lays. We had an overwhelming feeling of freedom and joy. Heaven truly was a paradise. A tall man greeted us, There was something about him that made me ask if he was Jesus, but he said he wasn't. I was just super eager to meet God. He told us that he was our tour guide. He led us outside to a beach that looked like Miami beach, but with the softest sand and most crystal clear water we had ever seen. The water literally sparkled in the sun like a sea of diamonds. Next he led us to a hot tub lounge area. i noticed that there was a TV in the lounge that was displaying peoples names cascading upwards like movie credits. I was a little confused as to what the names were for. Somebody suddenly got excited when I saw a person's name and then it hit me that the screen was displaying the names of people that were new arivals to heaven. The screen with display their names at the moment that they died. Me and gina sat in the hot tub and relaxed. Suddenly gina shot up and covered her mouth in shock while looking at the screen. I looked over at the screen to see what she was surprised about. The screen displayed her mom's name and just a few seconds later, it displayed her sisters name. Right after that I saw my mom ad dad's names and then about 2 minutes later I saw my sisters names. I was totally shocked and puzzled. I didn't understand how they had all died so quickly one after the other. Suddenly I remembered that I had always heard that time in heaven was different from Earth, it moved a lot slower, so although we had only been in heaven for a couple of hours, all of our family had already lived out their entire lives on Earth. We both jumped out of the hot tub and started spreading full speed towards the entrance to heaven so that we could be reunited with our family in eternal paradise

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted in many different ways, but one way to interpret it is that it is a representation of the afterlife and rebirth. The blackness and the white room could represent the transition between life and death, and the baggage carousel could represent the baggage of our past lives that we must leave behind. The gatekeeper could be seen as a symbol of judgement, representing the need to answer for our sins and explain our actions. The tunnel of light and the entrance to heaven could represent the journey to a higher plane of existence, a place of peace and joy. Finally, the cascading names of people arriving in heaven could represent the idea of life and death being intertwined, that although we may be separated by physical death, we can still be connected in spirit.