Traveling to exoplanets

Date: 5/14/2017

By fiercerunner

I was in a large, dark chamber, lit by candles on the ground. I was shown a projection of a galaxy with golden borders. It had many Earth-like planets, denoted as red dots in the blackness of space. A couple of my friends were in the chamber with me, but I didn't recognize them from real life. A guru was also there, and he made it clear how important it was to visit the exoplanets. He led me through a guided meditation that would allow me to travel, out of body, to the planets. Once the meditation began, things got pretty weird. My consciousness was transported to a dark place filled with what appeared to be giant, dark-skinned human noses. I was confused until the guru's voice told me to search for the guides. I didn't know what to look for, but I came across two strange beings with skin the same color as the surrounding noses. They were thin and had buglike eyes. Their whole bodies appeared to possess the shell of an insect like a stick bug. I don't remember what the beings did, but I was suddenly on one of the planets. It was almost exactly like Earth. There were humans, and the cars followed similar traffic laws. I had a backpack somehow, and I found myself in someone's apartment. The girl that lived there was beautiful and welcomed me as if I were an expected guest. I can vividly picture her appearance, even now. She had a couple of roommates who were also girls. I don't remember how or why, but she and I developed a romantic relationship and had intercourse once. At one point, another guy visited, and I asked her nervously if he was her boyfriend, but she laughed and said no. I remember the apartment being somewhat messy, with everyone's shoes lying on a mat at a random place on the floor.