Inception Time Loop

Date: 6/9/2017

By Zephandrypus

Orb teleporter that led to a buffet and movie theatre type deal, except there was only one row of seats, and a teleporter orb in the middle. We were running away from an army and each orb deep slowed time by 100x. If I died then I woke up retaining my memory. Front desk There were people there trying to sabotage us. "1st class" kids jumping in, perhaps locals to where we were hiding. People in planes (cartoony small ones) kept going kamikaze into the movie theatre. I took a plane and gave chase, using my phone's slo-mo to try and catch the culprit (getting a shot of some girl’s ass). I kamikazed into the two girls responsible (they were bickering), getting footage of their faces. My phone's memory somehow was retained too whenever the world reset. It reset back to me in a plane with another culprit, a"1st class kid who wasn't on the list". I remember having to chase people through orbs to try and catch a culprit. Semi-circle of beach chairs and I heard a fan going. There wasn't any outlets, so I was curious, and found my black battery-powered fan. Everyone had brought bags of stuff into the orb world, and they were scattered around the beach chairs. A guy and a girl got married 4 orbs deep. It was a somewhat happy ideal. One kid whispered in the groom's ear "there is no hope". There was a depressing overtone to the whole thing, in that we were trapped there forever or death. Everyone's smiles were shallow. I stayed up all night gathering numbers for an investigation and when I got back, everyone was partying. We could get whatever we wanted from some place, apparently (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium?), and everyone was doing cocaine and pressuring me to stay and party when I just wanted to sleep. To "change my mind" someone shoved cocaine up my nose, so I felt a burst of energy and was able to get to work doing math on those numbers to get answers.