The Dead Dog in the Freezer

Date: 8/5/2017

By srey798

I would like an opinion not only on this dream but my other dreams as well. I either have bad dreams or dream nothing at all. I rarely have "good" or "normal" dreams. That being said, two weeks ago (between 7/16/2017-7/22/17 ) , I had a dream that I was working at a new kitchen. I was trying to get to know the staff so we all huddled in a little group circle and were talking. One of the employees started talking about the old owners of the kitchen and talked about how the old owner once had a dog. He rarely would feed it so it was completely skin and bones. One day, the dog walked outside and a concerned person told the owner he needs to start feeding his dog or else he was going to report him. The old owner being mad, took his anger out on his dog. He grabbed his dog and placed him in a big white freezer that opened on the top. The freezer was disconnected. The owner then proceeded to grab dry dog food, put it in the blender, added water, and pretty much liquified it. He made enough to fill this big freezer to the rim. He poured in the gallons and gallons of liquified dog food in the freezer and the last thing you see is the poor little dogs face poking out of the food to breathe, and the owner shuts the freezer door. Weeks pass by and the owner completely forgot about the dog and the dog died inside. Now at this part of the dream, it goes back to the kitchen where me and my new coworkers were standing. I looked around and noticed one of my coworkers were leaning against a freezer that resembled the one in the story. My coworker had one leg bent up and at an angle, resting on the side of the freezer. The weird part is that the freezer has a metal slit in it ( like the ones doors have to receive mail directly inside the house). The coworkers foot pressed against this slit, and liquid rotten mush of dog food started spilling out, and parts of the decomposed dog. Soon after, maggots and worms were spilling and squirming everywhere and one landed on my shirt. What the hell, man?