Qwerble Fypivjbeqxyztilpakaydupi: The Killer Dream Clown

Date: 7/14/2017

By fluffytree

I've been having creepy dreams sometimes throughout the month where it seems like I might be watching a horror TV show and in it there's a very disturbed man who steals people's talents by molesting them in some way. Sometimes it's not exactly that but he tends to prey on your childhood fears. He can essentially become just like you to the point of shape-shifting your likeness. I've seen him show up in about 3 recent separate dreams where he'll creep up on some unsuspecting victim, appear to them as their childhood fear, then steal whatever their talent is along with their identity/likeness, and finally kill them by eating them, sometimes whole like a snake would eat a mouse. It's really disturbing to watch. I have a name in mind for him. In today's dream the opening credits showed his name but only briefly. All I could catch was that it was very long and said something like Qwerble Fypivjbeqxyztilpakaydupi, essentially and quite literally, the serial killer of my dreams. A few scenes play out in this where it starts off showing some business man walking home at night having just gotten off from a late shift from his job and regularly caught the bus too. The night is quiet, not even a breeze to stir up the occasional dead leaf. This poor man has no idea that "something" is watching him from behind the cover of some nearby bushes. We never see the face of this creeper, only hear his breathing and occasional giggling. He's wearing a large comical looking white glove too. Next thing I know the camera zooms in on the unsuspecting man as he yelps and finds himself on the ground. I can see this man's memories somehow from when he was a small child. The boy's face lights up in fear as he sees his worst terror before him as he is eaten whole by it. Snap back to the present where there's nothing left of the man but chunks of flesh scattered about. I see what the thing looks like and he is a very tall, lanky clown with sharp teeth. Not very original in my opinion, but still scary nonetheless. There's a time skip where I see glimpses of this convicted child rapist who's recently been released from prison on good behavior. I see scattered bits of msnbc interviews where he's describing his sick crimes against children in disgusting detail. He now lives in my neighborhood apparently and once again I'm watching a similar scene as he walks home one night. The killer clown wastes no time attacking him and next thing you know he's got him on the ground. The man struggles but to no avail as the creature is simply superhumanly strong. Before he consumes him, he begins to reach down into the man's pants fondling his genitals while looking straight into his eyes. It's almost like he's giving him back what he's been doing to kids for so many years. Oddly enough this is the man's worst fear because I can see his childhood memories flash before me just like last time. I see a little boy being molested over and over by his stepfather. Flash back to the present and the man is crying now while occasionally laughing. I guess he knows he deserves this end to his life. The clown pulls his hand up and then opens his mouth ridiculously wide before taking a huge bite into the man's neck instantly killing him. It was the equivalent of watching someone bite into a juicy hamburger and I can't say that I felt all that sorry for the man. I dunno what makes this monster choose his victims, if it's random or if it feels as if he's doling out some sort of vigilante justice against bad people, but I wake up shortly after this.